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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Journey Through 7 Pregnancies-Part Four

It has been a while since I have written about my pregnancies. And I feel God telling me it is time again. So here I am. Tired. Not wanting to be awake. But happy to be writing. =)

After the birth of my son Aiden, I had no idea if I would have more children. God had sent a promise to me that I would carry a child to full term. A child. Meaning one. But in my heart...I knew that I wanted more than one. And I was hopeful that God would meet the desires of my heart. I also knew that I would be incredibly thankful for the one He had already given me!

So, when Aiden was around 9 months old, we decided to try again. We conceived right away. That was never the issue...it was staying pregnant that we had problems with. We were a little timid to fall head over heels in love with this child. Hesitant to tell anyone. I wanted to tell everyone I saw...but I had to respect my husband's wishes to wait until I was farther along.

As time went on, Aiden eventually began to walk. That is the point in which we decided we had made a mistake. Haha! We couldn't keep up with him...and couldn't imagine having a newborn with a busy 1-1/2 year old. Too late...I KNOW! =O

So my pregnancy progressed well. During this time, I begged Eric (for months) to choose baby names. I was not successful. I had to find a new doctor for this baby because my lovely, Christian, prayer-filled doctor had taken her family and moved to Arizona. =( I lived closer to Titusville at this point...so I decided we would try the closest hospital to our location. I went through the labor process fairly quickly with my first child, and baby #2 was due on December 5th. If you live in Northwestern Pennsylvania you will know why it is a bit scary to be due in the winter and have to drive. S-N-O-W! If you don't live in the "snow-belt" like I do...LUCKY! Haha. I would never choose to live here if I didn't love my family so much. (xoxo)

I had another wonderful pregnancy. I had made it past the dreaded 16 week date. I had gotten the same mixed reactions about us having another baby. I was going to my last 'weekly' appointment before my daughter's due date. It was lovely outside. So beautiful for the first of December. We were on the way to our doctor's office and we decided that we should take our hospital bags that we had packed and stop at our old house to get the infant carseat (thank you God!). I stood up to get out of the car...and my water broke. If you have never experienced it and always wished you had...you missed nothing. Haha! It was a disgusting feeling...and I am so glad I wasn't around anyone else when it  happened.

So now instead of the doctor's office...we were on our way to the hospital. As we were driving, I finally had Eric alone and since I would be sure to deliever a child in the next 24 hours, I figured he would HAVE to help me choose our final names for this baby. (This is a common trend you will notice through the rest of my pregnancies. Very frustrating!) He pulled out a boy's name that wasn't even on my preferred list...and I LOVED it! We also finally had a first AND middle name for a girl. (Again with this pregnancy...we didn't find out what we were having. LOVE IT!)

As we were walking into the hospital I suddenly became very embarrassed of my jeans that were SOAKED at this point. Every step made the issue worse. I told my husband that I needed his lined flannel coat to wrap around me so that I wouldn't be so embarrassed. He gave it up with a bit of hesitation. When we were packing up to come back home a few days later...he instructed me to leave it there in the trash because he would never wear it again after it had 'womb juice' on it. Haha! He still doesn't let me forget this was his favorite coat. STILL! I did convince my mom to buy him a replacement this past Christmas. It was only a 4 year turnover. Good things come to those who wait. Lol!!

I got to my room and they checked to 'be sure' it was my water that broke. As if I could pee myself...and continue to pee everytime I walked and not know. Seriously...there was sooo much of it. Gross! It WAS my water...and so in bed I sat. Waiting. Feeling totally fine. Waiting for something to happen.

Finally my contractions started. They weren't too bad until about 8pm. I remember the time well because we had been watching tv since we got there. TBS was our channel of choice and all afternoon and evening we had been seeing commercials for School of Rock which was on that night at...you guessed it...8pm. Eric made several remarks about how he had been wanting to see it. I was quietly and calmly breathing through my contractions when it finally came on. The music that starts the show...was not at all helpful to calm me. He took one look at me...put his head down as if disappointed...and turned the tv off. Haha! Poor him huh? I'm about to push out a baby...and he missed his movie. *rolling eyes here* Lol! (To make it worse....he spent the first night with me in the hospital. The next night he took our son home and slept there with him. That Saturday night I was alone in the hospital with a sleeping newborn...so what was I to do? If you ever watch movies on TBS you know that they usually feature the same movie all weekend. So what was on at 8pm that Saturday night? SCHOOL OF ROCK...baby! I watched it alone. Bahahaha! Another thing he will never let me forget.)

About an hour later she was here. Ariel Alexis was born on December 1st 2006. She was 6 pounds 12 ounces. Just a peanut! My firstborn was just two ounces shy of being 2 full pounds heavier. I was so very incredibly happy to have my daughter. I had had her first name picked out since I was a little girl. I would have been so disappointed if my husband would not have agreed.

She grows more beautiful each passing day. Her personality is one that makes me smile, cry, roll my eyes, laugh, and continue to love. I wouldn't change one single thing about my beautiful baby girl! I just love the heck out of her. =) And to make things even better, her and I were having a conversation about Heaven the other day. I was praying for a family who had just lost their baby to a tragic accident. She asked if that baby was in Heaven. I said ABSOLUTELY! Next she asked how she could know that she was going to be there too. I explained it...we prayed...and she was filled with joy. Almost as much as I was. =D

God heard my cries. He heard my pleas to have another baby. He loved me sooo much..that he gave me my daughter. I am forever grateful for His faithfulness. I am forever grateful for His perfect plan for my life. I am forever grateful for His provision. I am forever grateful for His perfect love for me and my beautiful family. I believed...and He showed up...and showed off. =)

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