Words have power. Written words provide proof. You can read them, and reread them whenever you want. They can speak life to someone who needs encouragement. They can speak death to someone who is being deceived. The choice lies within you. How is it that you want people to remember you? Encourager...that is the gift that God has laid on my heart. To use my written, spoken, and/or sung words to lift people up. To be one link in their road to healing, restoration, joy. I have been without those things, and I claim them to be mine again. If you want me to seek God on a prayer for a specific situation...that is why I am here. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to pray God's Word of Life over you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm flat out speechless

I read this devotional yesterday...and I was seriously speechless. Crying, and not able to utter a single word at the thought of it. I recommend that you all read it. It is from Friday, February 25th. Clink on the link below and look for the devotional titled "What kind of book are you writing?" I really needed to hear it yesterday...no matter how much I didn't want to.


***Shortest post yet! Haha!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't underestimate your power

This is going to be short and sweet. I know...so unlike me. Haha! I just have to write it though...and I don't have a lot of time today.

Don't underestimate your power. That can mean so many things!! To me, this day, it means the power of encouragement. It is one of my spiritual giftings...so I recognize it quickly.

Do you ever hesitate to share what God is speaking to you? Do you ever doubt that it was from God even after you have been obedient? Have you heard someone else speak at God's request...and felt like they should know it touched you? This is your chance. Your chance to understand that when we encourage each other in the ways of Christ...it makes it easier to do the next time. When we don't feel like we went out on a limb for the good of no one...it can be a reminder for the next time God tugs.

So speak those words of life. Speak encouragement. Don't stay silent and assume that your pastor knows how much you appreciate  him. Don't forget to tell your children's sunday school teacher how much you appreciate the sacrifice they make to show God to your kids. Don't let another day go by when you make your schedule more important than God's. He isn't into rigid routines. He is into His people. Your encouragement might be the only nice thing someone hears all day. How awesome would it be to be a bright spot in someone's day?

Okay..not as short as I thought. No surprise! Haha!

Love with a heart like your Father!

Gotta luv the lightbulb moments

I had one of those moments on Sunday. It is all about 'revelation'. Thanks Kara. =) Powerful words that you have been praying. I don't take them lightly!

I, for years, have felt connections with people who are going through a time in their life. I don't say rough time...b/c it isn't always that. Sometimes I feel joy with people that I hardly know. Sometimes it is sorrow for something I have never, myself, experienced. Sometimes it is pain when they are hurt by someone they trusted. Whatever it be...I never knew why I so instantly 'felt' for some people.

Sunday, Pastor Al put it into words that made so much sense. Compassion. Some of us have it. Others...not so much. =/ What is the big deal? We have all heard that word thrown around. So what...some crazy girl has compassion for the drunk lady at a bar...stops and prays with her. What is the revelation?

Do you believe that we serve a compassionate God? I sure hope so...because I do. Do you long to be more like Christ? To have traits within you, that are Christ-like. Again...I hope so. I want as many traits of Christ as I can get. When you feel a strange connection with someone that you don't understand. When you feel an instant love for someone, and you have no idea why. Remember, the God that you serve is full of compassion. He can and will use us to show His heart. How awesome is that?!?

When we are in tune with Christ. We can hear His voice. We can feel His compassion...for others. We can speak His words. We can sing His song. We can wholly love.

God will put people in our paths to show compassion to. To show love to. To pray for. To serve. These people are not obstacles of our goal, but objects of our goal. Don't view them as being in your way. Instead, see them through the eyes of Christ. Know that He loves them just the way they are. Know that He made them just the way they are.

The coolest part of being able to show someone else God's compassion...God will change you in the process. He wants to use you...for you. You will help others. And be helping yourself at the same time. Wonderfully crafted cycle isn't it? Of course we want our intent to be pure. I want to help others so that they can come through their situation victorious...but I end up feeling blessed. Amazing! God is so good!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is He talking to me?

Hey all! It has been a few days since I have been able to get online. Bummer! But here I am...and I am thankful for today!

Do you ever have those days where you are listening to a speaker, and you feel like everything that is said was meant directly for you? That is how my days have been recently. Everyone and everything seems to speak right to where I am in my life. It is wild. I love it! The things that are being spoken are not condemning...as so many times they can seem to be. Instead, they are encouraging. Letting me know that I am on the right path, and this is how I can make my walk more effective.

Have you ever read John 3:6? It says, "Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit." I too have read and heard that multiple times. But it wasn't until I saw it and felt it...that I truely understood it. Let me paint the picture in your mind. We are at church on a Sunday morning. During worship, the Presence of God was very apparent. I saw God showing me a vision at the end of worship. I don't ususally get visions from God...so I was excited and knew that I had to share it!

God showed me that while we were all collectively worshipping, His angels were dancing around the room. And outside of the walls of the church, there were demons cringing at the sight and sound of it. He showed me that we are safe when we invite the Spirit of God to worship with us. It is when we leave the walls of where we 'feel safe'...that we have to put our game face on. We need not live in fear of this. We serve an Almighty, Powerful, All-Knowing God. He is on our side. He is in our corner. He is rooting for us to succeed. So we need to walk boldly. Speak with confidence. Quit cowering in the corner like we have already been defeated. Our God sent His Son. His Son without blemish. His Son who faced what we face and came out of each situation victorious. Without sin. Without complaining. God sent Him who deserved nothing but praise...to the cross. To die so that we may be victorious. So that we may go through trials and come out without sin. Without a bad attitude.

So what does this have to do with John 3:6? A friend of mine pointed this out to me. When one person is obedient to what the Spirit of God is speaking to and then through them. It makes others bold enough to speak what God is speaking to their spirit. That is also called the Domino Effect. Only instead of negative energy and words infecting people and making others crash around them (flesh)...the Spirit was able to bring forth the courage to speak words of life. Words that affected people in a mighty way. Words that lifted people up. Words that brought forth a woman to be healed. Words that brought forth a girl who prayed for her salvation. To God be the glory for his Word is Living and Active! This past Sunday was proof!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New song

Ever wonder what it takes for someone to write a song. Yeah...I always did too. Then, when I had my firstborn son, Aiden, I had the strangest experience. When my car was silent. Void of any crying, music, or talking. I began to sing a song. A song I had never heard. Slowly, on several different trips. I had almost an entire song. I doubted. How could I write a song with almost no effort? Why would God give me a worship song when I never even asked for it? I doubted.

I was with a close friend one day and I asked her if she had ever heard this song I had been singing. She had a huge grin on her face as she said 'No.' I told her that I thought God was giving me a song. I doubted. So I asked another friend. Same question. Followed by the same response. Yet still, I doubted. How many chances was I going to get before God gave up on me believing in HIS ability? I am so happy to say I didn't have to find out.

One night I got a call from my brother, Jonathan. We chatted for a bit...and then he said something I will never forget.
"No matter how far away I am, or how long it has been since we have spoken, I want you to know that I pray for you. I pray for your husband. And I pray for your son, everyday. And one thing that I pray specifically for you, Vanesa, is that God would give you a song. A song that you have never heard. A song that you might not even understand the purpose for at first. But in time He will reveal it to you."

My jaw literally dropped. During this entire conversation he was going inbetween cell towers as he was driving. So there were multiple times that we had to call each other back. Right at the end of that last statement, his phone cut out. So when I called back, I had to clarify. I made him tell me if that was something that he 'had' been praying...or something that he was going to 'start' praying. You all know what his answer was. He had been praying that and I had no idea. Doubt? How could I?

When the timing was right...which was over a year after I started to get the first line of the song...God showed me the purpose for His song. (Again...'purpose'.) Had I sung it any earlier than He planned...it would have been for show. For personal gain. I waited on His leading. I sang it acapella. That was not my comfort zone. But that is how I was instructed to share it. Several people after that service came up and told me that they heard music in the background while I was singing. Only God can do that. I couldn't have come up with that 'strategy' on my own. Lesson learned. Doubt is not something I want to hold onto.

So when I had my daughter, Ariel, I wondered if God would do it again. But who would I have praying for this song? I couldn't ask someone to pray for it...that would seem selfish. One day I was looking through a book that I had been reading. When I really like a book. When a book really speaks straight to my core. I write all through it. I underline. I make balloons around whole paragraphs. And I write what came to my mind when I was reading it. I was reading some of my little side notes. And there it was. I asked God if He had another song for me. I don't remember ever writing it. But there it was. My sloppy handwriting. Red ink. I knew it would come. And it did. I have to be honest. I think I missed the purpose of that one. But that doesn't discount the faithfulness of God. That just means that I am human, and sometimes I mess up. Moving on...

Child #3....Titus. God was faithful again. He gave me a love song for His daughters. I sang it on Mother's Day this past year. Are you seeing the pattern? I have a baby. God gives me a song. Always when I am driving either alone, or in silence. I have no idea why. How many babies would I have to have to make an entire worship album? Haha! Sorry, I think four is it for us.

That bring us to Levi. My fourth and final baby. I wondered when I first had him if the pattern would continue. Then I kind of forgot. It would occur to me every once in a while..but I never wanted to force it. So I waited.

Suddenly, I found myself in a place of darkness. Of sadness. Of overwhelm. And God sent me to one of His servants. I barely knew her, but God assured me that I could trust her. I poured my heart and all that I was dealing with, out to her. She quickly responded saying that she saw so much hope for my future. Each word she typed brought more and more tears flooding. I didn't see the hope. But I had to trust that God was speaking to her.

One day we met together. We share the same passion...to write. So we instantly had a bond. Had something that we both loved to talk about. That time together was all about encouragement. Uplifting. Right before she left she said she would like to pray for me. I was thinking it might not be such a good idea because the kids where running around and being loud. (Who do you think was the author of that thought? Prayer...not a good idea for someone who was in the midst of feeling like she was going crazy most days? Ahhh...he is sly, but not so smart.) So she started to pray. Interruptions came...and we just kept going. What words do you think she spoke in her prayer. "God give her a new song." What powerful yet simple words. Emotion, and I don't mean just tears, showered over me at that second. Happiness. Joy. Laughter. Excitement. God was going to give me another song. I just had to wait for the time.

Wednesday night was it. I am so excited to see what He is going to do with it!!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM! I constantly feel as though I don't deserve Him. But luckily God sees me through the blood of His Son. To say I am blessed just doesn't seem to cover how I feel.

I am ready, willing, and waiting to seek God on your behalf. Please message me. Text me. Email me. Post a comment. I will write a prayer for what you are going through. I want to. I feel the Spirit of God so strong right now. I want the overflow to affect as many people as possible. Don't be silenced! I love you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Change it up

What is holding you back from enjoying spending intimate time with God? Here is my 'usual' with God...
 These are the essentials for  me. A Bible (of course), a good devotional (Max Lucado is my favorite!), a cute notebook or journal (I spent $2.50 on that one at Walmart the other day), my favorite pen (it is a Pilot Precise, extra fine rolling ball pen), and yes...that is a steaming Vanilla Chai Latte, complete with cool whip, and in my favorite mug. =) These are some of the things that I can do to make myself more enticed to sit down and do a daily devotional. I don't mean to imply that God isn't enough. Just that satan will try to make it seem uninteresting and boring. And these help me remember how fun God is.
And this is where I sit. My comfy couch. Legs up. Blanket on. Lap desk in place (not pictured here...but I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond...and I LOVE IT!).

Make your spot inviting. Make your supplies fun. Make some fresh coffee. Sit and enjoy God like maybe you never knew you could. So that is it. That is my usual time with God. But we all know that some days...things happen. Kids throw up. Dogs poop all over the house. Husbands have errands for you to do. Whatever it may be. satan will tell you that if it isn't all 'perfect' then you just can't do it that day. Then the next it will be easier to 'not' do it again. He is sly. He is sneaky. He is deceiving. So what do you do on the days that there is no time for your normal?

Whatever God tells you to. I know that I have sat down to do devotions before...and God told me to write a letter. I hesitated. But you know how it is. When the God over all of the earth, tells you to write to someone and bless them...you should listen. I have also been upset that I couldn't sit down and write before....and while I was driving to wherever it was that I had to go...I would pray. I would sing. And God still used it to bless me. He knows my heart. He knows my intentions. He would hear my cry during my prayers...and He would move my mountain. He would hear my voice singing to Him, and He would give me a new song that He wrote for me to sing. Amazing! He is beyond words. I don't have any that can adequately describe how I feel about Him. But I will still try.

So, keep changing it up. God can work with whatever you have. If you want to read a book by a Christian author...again I highly suggest Max Lucado and Beth Moore...then do that one morning for your alone time. Dive into a passage of the Bible and write what it means to you. Put in a cd and sing your favorite songs to Him. (Dancing is recommended...but optional. Lol!) Do an in-depth Bible study book like the one I have pictured. One that makes you think about passages of scripture and how you can apply it to daily life. One that asks you questions so that you are truely applying your new knowledge. Visit and encourage someone that God is leading you to. These are just suggestions to get your possible narrow-mind thinkin! =)

You don't have to feel so tied down to one particular devotional style that you just skip anything all together if your routine gets messed up. Because then guess who is going to constantly try to 'mess' with your routine? Makes sense right? Have fun with God. He created us in His image...and He is stinkin' awesome!! =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drum roll please...

 If you have ever been to my  house...you should see my Valentine's present in these photos. It is not the handsome little man. (He was more my birthday present...as he was born the day after I turned 29 this year.)
 Yes this is almost the same shot...but you can see his two adorable little teeth in this one. =)
This is something I would not have let Levi do before last night. It is the CARPET!! My husband bought me new carpet! I was so excited. Now I have a room that I actually want to sit in to write. And more importantly..to do my devotions every morning. I just got a couple of new Max Lucado devotionals in the mail last week too! Yipee! Which reminds me...I also ordered a couple of older ones. I did them a few years ago...and they were the beginning of my writing with a divine purpose. (There is that word 'purpose' again. Haha!) I was thinking of somehow doing a giveaway. I'm going to have to think of someway to get it all started though. I am telling you...I am very new to all of this. Be patient with me.

Oh, and my son's reaction when he got home from school and saw that we were going to have new carpet before he went to bed...."Oh great Dad. Now we won't get so many slivers." Haha. He is serious. All of us, with the exception of Levi, have had some bad slivers from these old wooden floors. I am so happy to be done with that portion of my life. So much screaming and tears were involved. It is our only daughter...'The Screamer' is what they call her in our local ER. She got them most often. One night we had four adults on her trying to get one sliver out for over an hour. We finally stopped, and she fell asleep because she had exhausted herself. Within a minute of her falling asleep, we had the sliver out. Lesson learned. So I am not trying to seem boastful about this carpet. I am just purely relieved that it is finally here...in my living room...under my toes as I type.

This is miracle post #2! =)

This is crazy

Okay so here's the deal. I was in the middle of cleaning up a huge mess from my Valentine's Day present. (I will explain later.) And I heard a knock on the door. Knowing that my kitchen was a complete disaster...and I had not showered at all today...I was a bit reluctant to even answer it. But curiosity...and loud children...got the best of me. I open the door to see a man working for the company of my internet provider. He was here to collect my modem. This is horrible news for me and my blog. I knew it had nothing to do with him. He was very apologetic. When I called to inquire about this sudden change, the company said that they were 'reconfiguring their system'...whatever that means. So I was unplugging the system from the wall...and I started to cry. Then I started yelling at myself (in my head) for crying over this. Seemed so silly. But I know how much this blog has meant to me. I know how excited I have been to be used by God, in so many ways, in such a short time. So I was saddened. Now I knew that I couldn't even get on to tell you about my present from my husband.

For whatever reason...I decided to get online and check my computer. (I asked a woman of God to pray for my internet a little while ago. Seemed silly...but I knew that this was coming...and us laid-back-country folk don't have a lot of other options. She said she would...and here I am. With no internet provider, online, writing this blog post.) *shruggs shoulders* Everyday that I am able to post...you will know that God provided a miracle for me. I have no other explaination. =) And I don't need one.

So, first of all my chocolate wrapper. Then Valentine's Day. Suspense...ya know. To keep you reading. ;)

"Find your passion"
I am not sure that the makers of Dove Milk Chocolates meant the same thing as I am thinking for passion. But just stay with me for a minute.

Passion. That is what I feel about writing. Something that takes me to a place where I am willingly, and excitedly used by God. My hand is guided by God when He is the one who has set up the divine appointment. My heart has compassion for people that I hardly know or have never met. My mind is focused, when there is chaos happening around me. (Four kids and all. Haha!) My emotions connect with whatever that person is going through. That is how I describe my passion.

Passion. That is also what I feel about singing. I have more confidence than normal when I sing a song to the King. I close my eyes and forget about all of the people around me. I weep silently at how amazing God is, and how little I deserve Him. I long to honor and impress Him with my love songs to Him. I feel empowered that satan is shaking when I am praising. Heaven is going to be full of praising our King...and satan knows that. It is as if Heaven and earth meet when we sing with our whole heart and Spirit. I feel vulnerable to the move of God when I am worshipping Him so intimately. That is how I describe my passion.

What is yours? Haven't found it? I would LOVE to pray that God will reveal it to you. He wants to use you. He doesn't need to. But He wants to. He loves you. He designed you. He gave you your gifts and abilities. Find your strengths and weaknesses...and use them according to God's perfect purpose. I am always speaking about purpose...because it is vital. You can have great plans. Ones that would be pleasing to God. But make sure that His gain is your purpose...not your own.

Okay...so for my Valentine's present...you are going to have to stay in suspense. I am having a bit of trouble getting the pictures to load. I will post this...and try again when I get dinner in the oven.

I am one blessed gal. I know it...and I am incredibly thankful for it! xoxo

True light

These days everything reminds me of something that I can relate to my walk with God. Today...it was again our great dane...Moose...and the sunshine. We are in the midst of the winter season here in NW Pennsylvania...and sunshine has been sparse. When the sun shines in through the window...Moose searches for a spot to lay in it. Today, it was on a blanket that he was not allowed to be on. Chewing on a ball that he was not supposed to be chewing on. But that is all besides my point. Haha!

Compare this light to the light that shines through us from God. People all around us are searching for the smallest ray of true light. They are desperate for it. They just want people who are real. They want people who are able to love without judging. They want people to talk to them, about them....and listen. They want people who have been where they are...and have come through it victoriously. They want that light that satan tries to hide from their view.

So SHINE BRIGHT! Show love to the seemingly unloveable. Show compassion to someone who everyone else is just passing by. Take your time and look for your opportunity to serve others. It is well worth the reward. Pleasing God. That is it sometimes. That is your reward. And it couldn't be a better one. Don't make light of it. If you aren't sure if it is 'worth' your precious time...ask a child who knows about faith. They want God to be happy. (You can refer to one of my posts written by my 5 year old if you want.)

I will be back later to show you some pictures of my Valentine's Day present. I am loving it!! And I also want to show you one of my chocolate wrappers. Silly, I know...but I am telling you...everything inspires me these days. I for one...am incredibly thankful for that. I have been in a place where negativity and sorrow guided my days. I much prefer inspiration and encouragement!! =)

Monday, February 14, 2011

What You pray I'll pray

So, yesterday I sat down and wrote a post. Today I come online...and it isn't on my blog. Thank goodness! I was kind of whiney. Haha! I was so bummed that I couldn't go to church yesterday because my baby still has a cough from RSV. I was letting it ruin my whole day. My head was saying...'Do some scream praying. Cast this sadness out. Reclaim the joy that was just restored to you.'
The problem. My heart just wasn't feeling it. Finally I decided I had had it. I didn't 'feel' like doing anything about it. But I have been there. I have entertained those feelings. So I knew I had to do something. I found the only cd that was within easy reach. I put it in...and told my kids to start dancing with me. Yep...they looked at me like I was a bit of a freak. (Me dancing...not a cute sight. But luckily they could care less!) I found a worship cd...and they were in the middle of lunch. Not the best scenerio for happy dancing. Haha! But soon enough they stopped gawking and joined in. Before I knew it I was laughing. That is all it took. A little effort. Seriously. Any of us can put on some music and dance.
At one point I realized that the song I was listening to was saying the words that I feel. "Where You go I'll go. What You say I'll say, God. What You pray I'll pray." YES!!! I want to go where God leads. I want to say what He lays on my heart. And I always want to pray from the heart of God. That is why I so urgently want to know when any of you are hurting. Down. Sad. Confused. Overwhelmed. I want to intercede for you. I want to seek God's encouragement for you. Please allow me to use this passion that He has overwhelmed me with. It would bring me so much true, pure joy and happiness to pray words of life over you.
Here is a link to the song I referred to. It is by Brian and Jenn Johnson.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Faith like a child

Thoughts from my Kindergartener...
"I wish everybody would know Jesus. Then Jesus would be really happy. And then everyone would love Jesus."
 I could not have said it better! What more is there to life? For the world to know Jesus...to make Him happy...and to love Him. Oh the words of my little encourager and prayer warrior.
He is the first to compliment his mother and sister.
He is the first to pray for someone in need and truely believes God will move. 
He is selfless.
He is a servant.
He is gentle.
He is kind.
He loves his church.
He has accepted Christ into his heart.
He loves his friends.
He plays hard. 
He laughs a lot.
He is sensitive.
He is an example to his siblings.
He understands that God is in charge of who his wife will be.
He gives all that he has with no regret.
He is my firstborn.
And he is the reason I understand faith like a child.
He is my example of some very vital traits of Christ! I pray protection over those traits in him.
Thank you God...for Aiden. My life wouldn't be the same without him.

Feeling unnoticed?

Yeah sometimes I feel that way too. Recently, infact. Like I have things to say...but can't be heard. I have good news. "By the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10 NKJV)

You are exactly who God created you to be. You may need some polish here and there....but you are His creation. He doesn't mess up. He doesn't make mistakes. Your soft-spoken voice...or loud mouth...are His doing. You have to control them...but He made you, how He made you, for His purpose. Your quick wit...or slow though-out words...are His placement. Your ability to sing, play music, dance, write, play sports, or be big goofball...are all things that can and will be used for God if allowed. By You!

Don't be ashamed of who and how you are. Use your whole self for God's purpose...because you are His design. He formed you in your mother's womb. On purpose, for a purpose. Don't doubt that you can reach out to someone who needs God's touch...just by being you. Let me tell you a quick story....

It was August 2nd of 1997. His name was Walter Gonzalez and he was homeless. I was with a group from different churches around the U.S. We were in Battery Park in New York City. A friend of mine was asked by a guy in our group to go pray and witness to Walter. She stood still. Paralyzed, unable to move for reasons she could not explain. I know why. It was because God wanted me to meet Walter and he changed my life.

We walked up and started to speak to Walter as he was on 'his bench'. Which doubled as 'his bed'. Talk about a heart wrenching reality! Brian, the guy I was with, asked me to give my testimony of how I became saved. I started by talking about a camp that I went to when I was 8. Walter listened with excitement. I know he probably doesn't have many people that stop and talk to him...but there was a sparkle in his eye that made me believe I had something he desperately wanted. He told me that some day he would come and visit that camp in Edinboro, PA. I gotta say...I didn't believe him, but it still makes me cry. He had accepted us so completely, and listened so intently...I just lost it. I had tears running down my cheeks. (That is why you always take a partner...if you are a blubberer like me. Haha!) Brian took over. When he got to the point of asking if Walter wanted to accept Christ into his heart...Walter looked at me. Still crying...never made it through the second line of my well-thought, carefully planned testimony. He said that he would like to accept Christ, because he could see my compassion through my tears. Isn’t that kind of a funny realization? My best. My plans. My hard work on the word selection of my life testimony…are no match for the strategy of God. Tears…he used tears! No words were necessary.
When you think you are unusable because you are quiet. Or loud. Or emotional. Or not...emotional (I just don't get people like that. Haha!) Those are lies from the deceiver. Throw them back in his face...and start talking. There are people out there that need quiet and reserved. There are people out there that need an in-your-face divine appointment. When you believe satan's lies guess who misses out on a miracle. YOU! You don't get to see lives changed by your simple obedience. God can find someone else to reach the person He intended for you to speak to. But, He wants to use you, for you. So that you will see His power. So that you will trust His purpose. Start talkin!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The path of poop

I just let our great dane, Moose, outside and it occurred to me his path of poop in the pure white snow is a great reminder of how satan works. I would include a picture of the path...but I don't even like looking at it...so I figure I would spare you. But here is a cute pic of me and Moose in the first weeks of his homecoming.

We start out with a nice clean, white, pure path when we accept Christ. Immediately, satan moves in on his target. He wants to rip out that root before it becomes too attached. Each time we allow him to use us, whether intentional or not...a steaming pile lands on our white path. (Nasty huh?) Not a huge deal? Then another pile crowds in. Still pretty simple to dodge, right? What about when there are more piles than path? What do you do then? How do you walk without being covered in it? At what point to you realize that you are in knee high in it?  When you willingly allow it with little care about consequences...seems to me like you are rolling in the filth. Funny mental picture when dealing with poop (I am giggling a bit just picturing it)...not so funny when you think of it as sin.

God doesn't want us to settle for any sin. No matter how minor we think it is. Gossip. Does it really hurt anyone? Lies. Does anyone have to know the truth? Stealing. Even if you never got caught? Selfishness. No one else is looking out for #1..so I have to. Who do you think is behind those piles of filth? Which one of them is taking God's pure white path? I'm gonna go with none of the above!

I am not trying to play the holier-than-thou card. I don't want you to leave here feeling condemned. I want you to wake up and realize that you can be rolling in your own filth...and somehow be okay with it. That is not the joy that comes with having Christ in your corner. Those things don't bring happiness. They bring destruction. They bring shame. They bring guilt. They bring depression.

God will forgive you for all that you have allowed to enter your life. He longs to hear you repent...and walk away from them all. Walk with him. Talk to Him. Confess...and you are forgiven. Seek people that will lift you up in prayer. Find people that love Christ the way he intended us to...with our heart, mind, body, and spirit. Dive into His words of healing and restoration. Be contagious...not infectious. Show Christ without ever having to tell someone you follow Him. (I don't mean don't witness silly.) I mean LIVE Christ! Don't roll in crap and wonder why you feel crappy.

I need my beauty sleep

That is what my 4 year old daughter told me yesterday. She wanted to know if she could lay on my shoulder while we were driving...because she needed her beauty sleep. I laughed right out loud. I know I am biased...but I think she is flat out gorgeous. Sleep though, oh it does NOT do good things to those long golden locks of hers. Haha. Major bedhead! I have pictures if you don't believe me. ;)

But this did get me thinking. Ever gone to bed feeling defeated? How did you wake up the next morning? Refreshed? With a new perspective? God's mercies are new every morning.  Lamentations 3:22 "Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." 

How awesome is that? Sometimes all we need is a bit of time to not think out of emotion...but with a sound mind. Isn't that what we would prefer? Coincidence?...Doubtful! We will not be consumed by the things that satan throws at us. We will not be suffocated by his plans to destroy us. Because we have the love of God. We have the compassion of God. We have the faithfulness of God on our side. Those are some mighty powerful tools working in our favor.

Is there someone or a situation that God brings to your mind when you read this? Did you react out of emotion...and now you need to show the love, compassion and faithfulness of God? Ask for the wisdom to know when to approach such a subject. Ask for words that are of Christ. Ask for a divine appointment. I know I am. You think these posts are for you? They might be...but God is speaking to me too. *sigh* It might not be easy...but the things that mean the most to you in life rarely are.

Love with pureness. Pray with passion. Speak with confidence. Sing with joy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


That is what it took to take these pictures! Haha! You see, last night was bitter cold up here in North PA. The temp was in the single digits for sure. But the wind chill is what ripped right through me. I was walking up to my barn to feed all of the animals...and it was a bone-chilling walk up a knee-high, snow covered hill. Are you getting the mental picture? (Okay...so the whole hill wasn't knee-high with snow...but I was going for the dramatic effect. But a good two foot section was in fact that deep. *grins sheepishly*) Either way, it was not a pretty sight. Lol! I stumbled and grumbled almost the whole way. Just being honest. =)

I couldn't wait to get into the barn so that the wind would just stop. When I got in...I immediately went up to throw some hay down for our horse and cows. I couldn't help but notice the sunlight coming through the cracked barn door. When I looked out...I saw the sight that I captured above. I took a picture with my phone. (I take it with me incase I get crushed by the hay which is stacked VERY high. I usually pull on a bail of the pile...and RUN! Probably a better way...but I was never a farm girl...so I don't know it. Suggestions are welcomed. Haha!) The picture on my phone was good...but just not what I wanted. So what did I do? I walked the frozen tundra again. Back to my house. Got the camera. And back up again. So cold...but so worth it. I hate to miss pictures like this. I just had to have it. God made it for me to enjoy...so I wanted to enjoy from the warmth of my home. Haha.

Okay so on to the purpose for today. I have good news. To all those who have been praying for my son, Levi. He is getting better. His wheezing is minimal. His coughing is less and less. And all of this happened from the time he woke up until I went to the doctor. There were people praying for his healing! He woke up worse....and because of prayer...by the time we went to the doctor...he was obviously better. God is good! ALL THE TIME!

Keep bringing your requests before Him. He is listening...and He is GOOD!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I will not be silent, I will not be quiet anymore

Ever heard of that song by the David Crowder Band? That is my song lately. Haha. Opposition has come...and I am not throwing in the towel! satan is pulling out all of the stops to make me give in. To go back to a selfish life that doesn't have time for the will of God. To become ineffective again, consumed only by my trials. And I am just not in the mood to make satan happy. Ever feel like that? Like you would like nothing more than to annoy the stink out of satan!?

I am not going to give you the list of things that is going on right now in my little life. That would bring too much happiness to the deceiver. I will ask for prayer...and that is it. Pray God's will. Pray God's favor. Pray God's healing.

Cause "I will not be silent! I will not be quiet anymore!" Be stubborn in your faith with me will ya? Haha...let's make some noise. Let's rattle some cages in the supernatural. Sing out loud. That is what I have programmed into my phone when I look at the main screen. SING praises to the King....whenever they come to you. Don't be embarrassed to praise Him. If someone has something to say about it...tell them you are practicing for your eternity. You realize that that is our future. Praising the God who gave us life! Practice. It is really hard to be unhappy when you are singing praise. You never know when God is going to give you your own song. Be confident...and SING!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Alright prayer warriors!

Playing is hard work when you are sick. =(
I am not going to be posting much today because my little man, Levi, is not feeling well. We had him in the ER last night, and it turns out that he has RSV. So this is my plea for all prayer warriors. Please pray for his healing. Please pray for protection over my other 3 children, and all of the children that we were in contact with over the last few days. Thanks all!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ever feel like this is you?

Titus 'helping' clean out the garage. Yes...one of his boots is missing. When asked where he lost it...he had no idea. How does that happen....really!?! Haha!

Ever feel like this is how everyone sees you? Filthy. Unclean. Not fit to sit and dine with the King. If this is how you picture God looking down on His child...you have been mistaken. He sees the blood of His Son that washes us pure. He sees a lamb that just needs some help getting back to the Shepherd. He sees a child scarred by disappointment...that can't accept His unconditional love.

Are you constantly apologizing to God for things that you have already laid at His feet? Because when you ask for forgiveness with a sincere heart...He forgets. He wants you to forget too. Learn the lesson from it...but forget the guilt and shame of it. You don't have to live your life sorry that you are here. Find out what God wants you to do with all that you have learned because of what you have been through.

I heard a message on the radio one Sunday, ”trust in God's strategy”. Would I have chosen to lose one of my children...16 weeks into my pregnancy? Would I have chosen to hold that baby boy in my hand? No...but I know now that I am able to help others through miscarriage because I know what it felt like.

I also know that I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to hold my son, born December 20th, 2001. Isaiah Ethan was his name, and I will never forget him. At first that simple statement was full of fear and shame. Fear that I would never forget the traumatic events that led me to giving birth to my son that ended with me holding his tiny lifeless body in my hand. Shame that I didn't want to remember what my own son looked like because it was linked to so much pain. I would not have chosen to endure those things...but I know that God has used them for His good and perfect plan. I know that He doesn't make a wrong move. So I have no reason not to put every ounce of my faith in Him.

What satan tries to use to destroy us....God WILL use for His glory. Don't get in His way. It is so awesome to see His plan unfold in front of your eyes. Trust His heart!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a week!

Wow...this has been one of the most powerful weeks of my life. I am amazed at God's goodness. I am in awe of His provision. And I am not just referring to finances. But that He provided me enough strength, patience, and energy to get through a day after a sleepless night. A night that I stayed awake writing to people the God led  me to. I am grateful for his provision of self-control when I wanted to fight flesh against flesh. I am thankful that He speaks the words we need to hear...when we need to hear them. Most times...if they pertain to a 'sensitive subject' we would never ask to hear them. So He must give them to us on His time scale.

How about you? What has God provided you with this week? I would love to hear!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a hint of true love

You want to try to understand the selfless, unconditional love that God has for you? Become a parent. Even then...you still can't fathom it. We can't wrap our minds around His pure, undeserved love...because we have nothing to truly compare it to.

We understand disappointment. We understand feeling like we are a burden. We understand feeling like the third wheel. We understand being heard but not listened to. We understand crying out in our heart and wishing someone heard it without having to had speak it from our mouth. We understand faking that we are fine because we don't want to feel guilt.

Numbers 23:19 “God is not man, that He should lie, or a son of man, that He should change His mind. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not fulfill it?”

What we don't understand, is that God is nothing like us. We can have attributes of Him...but He cannot be like us. He always wants to hear our voice. He always has time for His children to run to Him and lay at His feet. He always sees what is in our heart...no matter what we choose to say out of our mouth. He will always seek the 'real' you. He will never leave you or forsake you. Don't pretend to understand it...but never stop trying to. The more that you seek to find the realness of His love for you, the closer you will get to loving others the way He intended it to be. =)

Go back to your first love. Christ. Before you started the comparison of Him to human-nature. Before you were betrayed by a believer, and somehow He got the blame. Know that those things were not meant to harm you...but to bring you closer to Him. To prove that He is always worthy of your trust. He is always faithful to your end.

Proof that Pennsylvania has SUNSHINE!

 If people wouldn't look at me funny, and if this room had some nice squishy carpet....I would probably sprawl myself out in the sunshine too. =) Oh how I have missed it.
 I think he is sticking his tounge out at us. Haha...too funny!

This is Moose. I mentioned him a bit before. He is our great dane puppy. The name really fits huh? He is a sweet and cuddly puppy...he just doesn't realize how much we don't enjoy the little snips of his puppy teeth. Just today he ruined my favorite rubber scraper. No biggie...but it was one that  my husband and I picked out together when we were first married. So it did have some sentimental value. I guess I am going to have to break down and call my Pampered Chef consultant. Oh darn. ;)

Think Spring!

I know these aren't one of the flowers you probably think of when you hear spring...but i love this pic...and we can all appreciate a beautiful flower right? This is a day lily that grew right outside of my kitchen in our first house. We have so many memories there.

Enjoy the beauty of the people around you today. See them through God's eyes. See them as an object of your goal instead of an obstacle of it. Smile!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ever wonder what it feels like to be Superman?

Yes these are my son's pajama's. Complete with cape.
 This is just how I am feeling right now...a bit like Superman. Haha! I feel unstoppable because I know who my 'Father' is. He is on my side. He is rooting for me to succeed. Not for my gain...but for His glory to be revealed. I have stepped right into the newest part of God's plan for me....to write.

I tremble a bit when I write prayers, words of life, healing and restoration for people who are hurting. I am just so excited for them to be on the other side of it. I want them to just dive into what God has to teach them through their trial...so that they can be used by God, in someone else's miracle. It is the most amazing feeling. I long to hear stories of how God took someone who was just as broken as I was...and revived them with the truth.

satan whispers lies. That is all he has. Lies and deception. He wants us to keep our pain to ourselves. Because then there will be no one interceding on our behalf. Break the chain of silence. Speak to your mountain. Command satan to fear you because of the God you serve. Speak boldly in the name of Jesus. Watch him flee and then run to your Father and lay it all at His feet. He can handle those burdens you try to bear. He can handle those emotions you try to stifle. He can heal that wounded heart that you try to protect. Let Him be your beginning and end...each day. Wake up speaking of Him. Go to bed telling Him about your day. Speak life!

The view from my house one foggy fall morning

I love this picture! I have plans to print and frame it. I want to hang it right inside the door of my home...as soon as the drywall is finished of course. =) I often take pictures of the sky with those two trees in view. I love to see how beautifully God paints it for our enjoyment. If we always had sunny days...would we appreciate them? Probably not...that is just our nature. Sometimes we have to go through the fog to remember to thank God for His Son. Have you thanked him lately?

This may be God's letter to YOU

Good morning all! Wow...I can't even explain the emotions that are happening right now. I am just sooo grateful that God is allowing me to be used for His purpose again. I am excited. I am happy. I am honored. I am humbled. I am uplifted. I am full of joy. And if you had seen me last week...you would understand how huge this is. Very early this past Saturday morning while my kids were still asleep...and my husband was out plowing snow...I couldn't sleep because of these words that God spoke to me. He told me that I was to read them at church this past Sunday. After praying this morning...I really feel as though they might be for someone else as well. This is going to be long...but bear with me. If it is for you...it will be worth your time. Because whenever God takes the time to write a note to His beloved child (that's you), you should take notice!

"Pastor Al's message last week spoke to me...straight to my core. He said that sometimes we go through things to show God's glory, grace and mercy to someone else. I knew that God had been whispering that in my ears...and they were just not hearing it. I am so thankful for Al's obedience. It just proves again, that you can be a vital part in someone's  miracle...just by being obedient to the words God has laid on your heart. Speak them. Outloud! With confidence in their Author.

satan (I never capitalize his name) wants nothing more than to take your life. If God will not allow that...then what is better than an ineffective Christian? One who doesn't speak the words of Christ that are laid on their heart. One who doesn't serve others when God whispers the instructions in their ear. One who has lost their passion to worship God though song and does nothing about it. One who chooses not to use the gift of writing for God's glory. One who has the power of prayer and the knowledge of it's power...and won't use it for herself.

These are things I know...b/c they are the things I have been allowing myself to live. There were days that I did not speak or sing a single word all day long. Silenced. That is where satan longs for us to be. Not asking for help. Not praying and pouring our heart out to God so He can begin the healing. Not praising Him for all that He has blessed you with. Not speaking life when all you can see is death.

I don't know about you...but I HATE to think of satan smiling at me. Proud of his work.
Where does that leave you? In a great position. A position that you must rely on God's truth. A position that you can see how you got to where you are...and what you can do differently now. A position to help someone else through their silence. A position to renew your passion for Christ and His work for you.

God has a plan for you. Step into it. Enjoy it. His plan is never to harm you. Do not be afraid to serve. He gave us an example of a true servant. You want to be like Christ? You must be willing to walk as He walked. Treat the person infront of you each day like they are the most important. Show God's love by being His ears. His hands. His compassionate heart. Encourage!

Right now. This moment. I claim my words back. Whether written, spoken or sung...I will not be silenced! God placed powerful prayer warriors in my path to pray healing and life over me. He will absolutely do the same for you! You may be struck down...but you will not be destroyed. If this is you...I would love to pray with you. Today, tomorrow, whenever you need it. Go to who God leads you to. He knows who can most effectively guide you, along with Him, to your freedom of healing. Never underestimate the power of words. Prayer is unleashing God's power all over your life!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet the family

This is my oldest son Aiden. I took this picture one morning when we where going to be extremely late for Sunday School. Instead of showing up super late, I decided to skip it altogether and do a photo shoot instead. Well...he loves his teacher, which I love, and so he was not happy with me. He even tattled to her that it was all mommy's fault that he wasn't there. When I showed her the pictures that I took on that beautiful fall morning of 10-10-10...she said she would have skipped too. HA!

Above is my only daughter, Ariel. Her name means Lionness of God. She is a free spirit...and doesn't sit still long enough to focus on anything. Lol! Check out those gorgeous blonde locks though. Jealous? I know I am. Ha ha! Every day I see more and more red strands of hair on her little head. God is such a creative artist isn't He? Who would have guessed that I would have a daughter, that loves to sing, with lots of red tints in her hair...named ARIEL! Haha...love it!

Titus. Tido. Tight. He comes to any of those. But his real name...Titus means defender. And he fits it. Haha. He is the funniest 2 year old I know. He makes me laugh all the time. This Christmas during our church's program for his Sunday School class...he had the whole place laughing. I knew I was in for it with him when he began taking steps before he was even 9 months old. Now it is the talking. A few weeks ago I heard him repeating something over and over out of frustration. When I paused to listen, he was saying, "I can't freakin' handle this!" Oh ya gotta laugh at those proud mommy moments. Wonder where he heard that one? ;)

And my baby Levi. He was born on 8-9-10. The day after my birthday this past August. He is by far my best baby. He is so content. That is proof that God loves me! =) He just learned to roll over this week. I don't put him on the floor much because I bought my husband a great dane puppy for Christmas...and he doesn't know what is his to play with and what isn't. Haha! Puppy teeth  ya know? No fun!

It's a new day

Hello all! I am so happy to be in a place where God is going to use my writing for His purpose. I have been quite inactive in writing recently...so it is lovely to be back.

I literally have pages and pages of prayers that I have written to God over the last ten years. (Hence the name of my blog.) Then there are the pages that He writes back to me. Amazing! Both are vital. God longs to hear from us. He wants us to pour ourselves out to Him. He requires honesty because we all know that He sees our true self anyway. When we give Him just that...He will reveal Himself to us in a very real way. For me, He guides my pen. He has me write to myself...but not in words that I would normally use on my own. I know it is Him, and I am always grateful for His words when I am finished.

My prayer right now is that I would never become prideful of the words written on these pages. I will type with confidence in the Author that I know fuels my writing. To Him be the glory and honor. I want to fully embrace the gift of encouragement that He has given me through the written word.