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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What’s Your Price?

Wouldn’t you agree that we are born into a greed-filled society? We are, as is, richer than most other countries. And we continue to waste money so easily. We think of ourselves before we think of others…daily. We worry when we’ve always had sufficient provision. We get anxious when God has always provided a way. We forget the broken and suffering world before us. We look past the other ends of the earth that are starving and dying every day.

The enemy wants us to please self. He wants us to always be thinking of a way to make more money. He wants us to sacrifice for a price. He wants us to lower our morals for a price. Never have the words in this song Here I am to Worship made so much of an impact to my way of thinking. "I'll never know how much it cost...to see my sins upon that cross." (Your welcome for getting that song in your head for the rest of the day. Pleasure is all mine! ;) )

What is your price? What is the price you would accept to lower your moral standards? Max Lucado writes in his devotional, Embraced by God (which I highly recommend if you have a love for writing)...that money is in the hearts of American people. Please take a minute and read this excerpt from his book listed above.

"If money is the gauge of the heart, then this study revealed that money is on the heart of most Americans. In exchange for ten million dollars:
25% would abandon their family.
25% would abandon their church.
23% would become a prostitute for a week.
16% would give up their American citizenship.
16% would leave their spouse.
13% would put their children up for adoption."

Ok...now let's all pick our jaws up off the floor after reading that. Seems a bit extreme huh? Well greed doesn't usually just throw itself at you in full force with ten million dollars. No, it must start with accepting  just a slight drop in your moral standards. Then a little more.

Soon...people who you once loved, begin to keep their distance. Probably thinking that you will sell them out for the right amount of money. People you hardly know are trying to befriend you...for their own personal gain. No one knows you anymore. You aren't yourself, and you don't trust anyone.

Included, and most important in that list of people that barely know you...your Father. (Father being capitalized because I am speaking reverently of your Creator!)

You see...provision, abundance, and knowledge...they were never intended to be a replacement for your faith, trust and compassion. The less you needed God for provision...the less faith you required to get through your days. The more abundance you acquired through your drop in morals...the less trust you had for anyone...including God. And the more knowledge you gained of how to become more wealthy...the less compassion you had for those less fortunate.

If this is you, ask yourself...was it worth the price? If this could be where you are headed, ask yourself...is it worth the price? What is the cost? Who is suffering?

I have incredible news. If you can relate even on the smallest scale...it is NEVER too late. The foot of the cross is always open. There is an alter out there waiting for you to kneel in front of it. It is always ready and waiting for you to surrender it all to Christ again. He is the One who bore the sin of greed on that cross. What an incredible Easter gift you could give to God and your family...surrender.

And if you are out there saying..."Vanesa, I don't have two nickels to rub together. You don't have to worry about me losing myself in this 'abundance' you speak of." Then remember what I said in my last post..."Greed has nothing to do with money...and everything to do with the heart and hands that hold it." Greed does not confine itself to those who have much. The enemy will get in the heart of anyone who allows...and use whatever he can. Just be wary of his scheme. God just unveiled him to you...watch yourself.

All good things come from God. God always deserves the glory. He always deserves the honor. He always deserves the respect. God always deserves the excess to do HIS will.

Pray for protection from this scheme of greed that the enemy will try to use on you. Bathe your children, no matter their age, in prayer...against greed. Always give as the Lord requests...no matter what the price. The cost will bring eternal, ever LASTING rewards!

Go be His hands and feet with whatever He has blessed you with. Food, transportation, love, compassion, animals, books, songs, the list is endless. And our God is a creative God. He will tell you to give the wackiest things...and the Light that you share is matchless. Don't believe me? Well then, let me tell you a story.

I will never forget the day that some dear friends of our showed up with a trunk full of groceries for us. It had been a rough couple of months for us financially. We were barely keeping our heads above the water...but still being faithful with what we had. When he pulled up and opened his trunk...I could've cried. (I don't think I did at that moment...but I did later for sure! It's my style ya know. ;) )

As my husband and his friend began bringing in bag after bag...I began loading up the fridge and cupboards. There was one item in particular that brought me to tears. Go-Gurt. It was not an extravegant gift. Just simple. It was a blessing that cost him less than $5. You see those four children that run around this house with me all day...had been asking for weeks for me to buy them some Go-Gurt. I had to keep telling them no. Each time breaking my heart for how innocently disappointed they were. This large box of Go-Gurt was proof that God cares about even the smallest of our desires. He met our needs...and our wants.

And those friends of ours (R & R)...they proved  to me that they will obediently give as God leads. They will not give in to greed. They will surrender their abundance to bless those that God leads. What a wonderful example they were to me...and oh how that day inspired me.

Creative...be creative. Look for ways to use what resources you have...and give like no one else! Your mission is unique...unlike mine...but so important. You show Christ through every act you do in His Name! You are the Christ that others see. Smile at that! This is never to condemn you...and always to inspire and encourage you my friend.

Oh my you will never guess what God just reminded me of. (I am putting my lesson today to use!) This is my 100th post since I started writing my blog in February of 2011. It makes me a bit sad to see how many days I wasted without sharing...but I still choose to be really excited with the days I was obedient!! So...in celebration of this event...I would LOVE to do another give-a-way! I have an idea in mind...and if you love God...love coffee or chai...and love chocolate...YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE!! =)

Send me a message on my blog. On facebook. My email. Text me. Call me. Just say the word GIVE-A-WAY and then tell me how you blessed someone else at God's leading. Or how you were unexpectly blessed by someone else. Or even how this post inspired you to be creative and you plan to bless someone soon! That would be sooo awesome! It will be such a huge encouragement to hear from you blogger-land stalkers out there. LOL!

And I will mail the awesome-est prize to whoever it is that wins. (Randomly selected of course!) No person reading this right now is too far! I see you out there in Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan. Come on...let's go global!

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