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Monday, June 25, 2012

Project Flower

So, about three years ago I saw this idea in a scrappin’ magazine. I loved it and decided I just had to do it. Only problem…three years ago…I had no desire to spend much time on DIY projects. Mainly because I was not at all confident in my ability to actually make my project look as pictured. God is speaking life into me and my abilities…and I am starting to LOVE being a bit crafty. So…just three very long, exhausting short years later I am ready for my DIY debut. Haha! It was fun…and my husband has already picked out the picture that he wants me to do for our own house. (This one went to a beloved couple that got married this past Saturday.)

I must first give credit where credit is due. I got my inspiration idea from the wonderful ‘creating Keepsakes’ magazine. (If you are a scrap booker...it is FULL of awesome ideas and tips!! Well worth the money...especially if you are not super 'creative' like me.)

If you are sitting there, as a faithful subscriber to the magazine, thinking you can’t remember this craft project. I must tell you…I borrowed this magazine as I said, three years ago. But…it is the AUGUST issue from 2008! I have done almost every page in this magazine in my scrap books. Seriously…it is a bit sad. Lol! You can look through the magazine and then look through my scrap books…and see that I pretty much just changed the faces and names. I AM CRAFTY! I keep telling myself. I am just not very creative. *shrugs shoulders* I have accepted that truth. ;)

The page below is the page in which I am referring to in the creating Keepsakes magazine. (Page 49 for any of you hoarders out there who keep every issue…just incase you get back to it someday. Lol!) The master crafter is Becky Higgins. Thank you Becky for your idea, which I kindly copied and am super excited about!
Moon Pics 006

Here are all the supplies needed. Let me go clockwise starting with of course the frame.
1) I chose a Better Homes & Gardens frame from Walmart. It is dark brown in color…although black would’ve worked well too. I probably would’ve chosen a larger mat…but I improvised. :)

2) In the middle there is my completed project goal…and of course my printed picture. I used the black and white print. (The sepia is for another project and another day.) Oh…and I had them printed on a textured white cardstock, not photo paper. That is what Becky did…and I did not want to stray from her ‘look’. You will understand later on in the demo.

3) You need some sort of a paper/photo cutter. (Preferably with 1” markers for easy measuring for what is to come.)

4) A sanding block or small sheet of sandpaper.

5) My all-time FAVORITE pen to use for writing of any kind. It is the Pilot Extra Fine Rolling Ball Point pen in black. That’s how I roll…and that’s what I use! I really believe this pen makes me write neater. I own a lot of them…and I keep stuff them wherever I think I might have the opportunity to write.
 Moon Pics 0056) That is a large iced coffee that I made for myself. WARNING…cold, ice-filled drinks on a hot day, create much moisture on the table. It is NOT recommended for one to be crafting with PAPER while consuming such a beverage. You might…just might place your paper in the hardly visable water ring that is left behind from the drink that you moved out of reach of your almost two year old. You will be sad…but not parched. It is a choice you must make. You can guess the one I made. =/

7) An 8x10 sheet of black cardstock to adhere the photo pieces to. (Color will depend on your picture and your decor.)

 Moon Pics 008 Here, I am cutting the excess white cardstock from the sides of my picture to make it a true 4x6.

Moon Pics 034Next, cut the photo into 1 inch strips. (I just realized that I didn’t add my scissors and glue runner in my list above.)

 Moon Pics 035I then cut those strips into 1 inch squares. The last cut of each strip, I had to make with my scissors because of how small it was.

 Moon Pics 036I advise you to number your blocks on the back as you go. Otherwise…I hope you like puzzles! It is surprisingly more difficult than it looks. After all, they are all square. Lol!

 Moon Pics 037 After all your squares are cut, you can (I did because Becky did), sand each side of each square. It made them look a bit aged. And it also made the photo ‘pop’ better on my improvised piece of black cardstock.

Starting in the middle, glue/tape the pieces with just a slight space in between each. Measuring is not my style…so I eye-balled it. Feel free to not follow my lead on that one.
 Moon Pics 038THE FINISHED PROJECT! I was super happy with how it turned out!! Hope the bride and groom like as much as I do!!

Moon Pics 043Since the original photo is mine…I even signed my name. You never know, someday…that name might be worth something. Bahaha!

My next project will hang in my living room when it is completed. It is going to be much larger and cuter. Here are the subjects…
2012 Spring 888 (2)...my loves. =)

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