Words have power. Written words provide proof. You can read them, and reread them whenever you want. They can speak life to someone who needs encouragement. They can speak death to someone who is being deceived. The choice lies within you. How is it that you want people to remember you? Encourager...that is the gift that God has laid on my heart. To use my written, spoken, and/or sung words to lift people up. To be one link in their road to healing, restoration, joy. I have been without those things, and I claim them to be mine again. If you want me to seek God on a prayer for a specific situation...that is why I am here. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to pray God's Word of Life over you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drum roll please...

 If you have ever been to my  house...you should see my Valentine's present in these photos. It is not the handsome little man. (He was more my birthday present...as he was born the day after I turned 29 this year.)
 Yes this is almost the same shot...but you can see his two adorable little teeth in this one. =)
This is something I would not have let Levi do before last night. It is the CARPET!! My husband bought me new carpet! I was so excited. Now I have a room that I actually want to sit in to write. And more importantly..to do my devotions every morning. I just got a couple of new Max Lucado devotionals in the mail last week too! Yipee! Which reminds me...I also ordered a couple of older ones. I did them a few years ago...and they were the beginning of my writing with a divine purpose. (There is that word 'purpose' again. Haha!) I was thinking of somehow doing a giveaway. I'm going to have to think of someway to get it all started though. I am telling you...I am very new to all of this. Be patient with me.

Oh, and my son's reaction when he got home from school and saw that we were going to have new carpet before he went to bed...."Oh great Dad. Now we won't get so many slivers." Haha. He is serious. All of us, with the exception of Levi, have had some bad slivers from these old wooden floors. I am so happy to be done with that portion of my life. So much screaming and tears were involved. It is our only daughter...'The Screamer' is what they call her in our local ER. She got them most often. One night we had four adults on her trying to get one sliver out for over an hour. We finally stopped, and she fell asleep because she had exhausted herself. Within a minute of her falling asleep, we had the sliver out. Lesson learned. So I am not trying to seem boastful about this carpet. I am just purely relieved that it is finally here...in my living room...under my toes as I type.

This is miracle post #2! =)

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