Words have power. Written words provide proof. You can read them, and reread them whenever you want. They can speak life to someone who needs encouragement. They can speak death to someone who is being deceived. The choice lies within you. How is it that you want people to remember you? Encourager...that is the gift that God has laid on my heart. To use my written, spoken, and/or sung words to lift people up. To be one link in their road to healing, restoration, joy. I have been without those things, and I claim them to be mine again. If you want me to seek God on a prayer for a specific situation...that is why I am here. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to pray God's Word of Life over you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Juggle, juggle…thud!

Afternoon all! I am sitting here today at my dining room table, and it is covered in clothes. They are all clean…but all need to be folded, sorted, and put away. I am putting it off. But for the first time this week I am putting it off for a good reason. =) You!

How often do you feel as though someone or something is getting left in the dust? You are not alone. We ALL have our own personalized struggles…but you’d be surprised at how often we struggle silently with the exact same things. Really! I mean listen…I am a stay at home mother…as you know by now. And yet…today…without leaving the comfort of my home, I know of three people that are struggling with their devotional time. I didn’t even have to leave my house to find people that I can pray for and minister to. Divine appointment. That is what this world is all about.

See each person as God appointed. Why are they on the phone with you? How can you pray for them? What is going on in their life that could use a prayer warrior? Sometimes God will have you ask. Sometimes He will tell you. Sometimes a wave of compassion will come over you…and that is all it takes to know they are your mission for that day. Pray. Encourage. Write. Whatever He asks…do.

God sent me to a man struggling to find time to meet with Him. God sent a woman to me who is struggling with the same. They are entirely different…and yet simply the same. Their struggle is unique…yet similar. Let me explain it so it is easily understood. You see I read a devotional 4 years ago that has stuck with me. It was a divine appointment for me to have in my quiet time…that left me forever changed. How thankful I am for the words that I read that put this subject matter into a simple picture.

Juggle. Juggle. Thud. Picture with me…a person who is juggling a set of three bean bags. Not too dangerous…but still difficult. The more bean bags you add…the higher the degree of difficulty.

Now change the person you picture. Put yourself there. Maybe you can’t really juggle. (I can’t.) If you need to (for the picture in your head, mind you) change the bean bags to scarves. Now picture the juggling act.

Let’s name some of the bean bags. (I am using bean bags, because in my imagination I am a rockin’ good juggler. Haha!) These are things that are important to you or that MUST be done every day. Here are some that I came up with…pictures included are free of charge. ;)

 Ch (168) (I realize none of my kids are actually sleeping here. But they are all ‘camping out’ on the living room floor with their pillow pets. Close enough.  Lol!)

Dishes. (I guess just housework in general. Laundry…ugh, dusting, de-cluttering, vacuuming/sweeping, bathroom cleaning…etc.)
 Winter 2012 005 (Here is a little shout out to Dawn’s new (to me) scent. Hawaiian Pineapple!! Um…I loathe dishes. Is loathe a strong enough word? But…I do enjoy new soap scents. My sister in law will be pleasantly surprised when she sees that I washed all of her containers and bottles just to try this new soap. I do love the smell…not so much the process. Lol!)

Recreational activities. Whatever that is to you. (Examples for me are scrapbooking, writing, photography, and singing.)
 Early spring '11 032 (This is one of my favorite scrap pages from my son’s Kindergarten school year. And I must tell you. It is a copy. I have trouble creating pages in my own little head. It is overloaded with all these blog ideas…yeah that’s it…full. Haha…but I can copy with the best of them. That is why they make scrapbooking magazines right? Cut paper just like theirs. Copy their idea. Paste on all of the embellishments just as they did. Add your own pictures…and give them the credit. Lol! I did come up with my own heading…Knotty or Nice. Get it? Knotty because of the crazy hair? Hahahahaha!)

Late fall 2011 019 (2) (Love this picture of my children’s Sunday School class the week of Thanksgiving!)

Cooking/ baking. (Eating whatever you cooked or baked.)
 2012 036 (Fruit pizza I made for Valentine’s Day. It was amazing!)

Fall '11 046Fall '11 061  (Setting posts for our fence. Aiden carried the post before it was set. They all gathered around it for a quick photo shoot after it was set!)

Spending time with your family.
Winter 2012 036 (2) (This is Eric, Aiden and Bill (the horse) last night. Sunset. Beautiful spring day. A man. His son. And a horse. I
abso-toot-a-loot-ley LOVE IT!)

Drinking a Pumpkin Pie Latte.
Winter 2012 004 (Latte’s are almost always a daily event in my house. Today, my flavor of choice was a Coconut Chai Latte. And yes, it was as delightful as it sounds!! THANK YOU RACHEL!)

Personal time with God!!!
Wait…that is my spot. Why is my spot is empty? Where did that day go? Where was yesterday? Last week? Why do I keep filling my days with nonsense and being okay with it? What am I doing to try to make a difference? Not only in my life…but those I am surrounded by.

Where does personal, relationship-oriented conversation with God fit in? These are just some of the things that I juggle. I’m sure your list is different. Maybe some of them are similar. Maybe none. Maybe all. It doesn’t really matter…the list isn’t the important part. What does matter is how do you fit all of these things into a 24 hour day?

Write down a list of all of your bean bags. Now when you picture yourself juggling them…throwing them up and catching the ones that are absolutely vital to your day. Which of them seem to fall most often with a thud?

That sound. The sound of a bean bag hitting the floor is heart wrenching to me today. It literally just brought tears to my eyes. That is how I know this message isn’t just for you today. Knowing that I have been showing my dishes and laundry more attention than my Savior…ouch! Why is it that His sacrifice isn’t ALWAYS worth mine?

Why is it that He is patient…and I am not. ‘Just one more thing,’ I tell Him. Just let me make my latte and then I will sit with You.

Interruption…the enemy’s tool strikes again. The phone. The stench of an obviously poop filled diaper. The dog. The mountain of things staring at me while I sit and relax to write. When I see them as a tool the enemy is using to keep me from meeting with my Savior…I can get through them and press on to my goal.

Answer the phone. Excuse yourself politely if it is not going to be short. Sit and read!
Change the diaper. Wash the hands. Sit and write!
Let the dog out. Let the dog in. Sit and listen to God’s voice.
Dishes can wait. Laundry will always be there. Your friends and family will be cared for much better when your heart has been lifted up. You won’t have to feel guilty for taking a run. Or scrapbooking. Or doing ministry at church…IF you are going out full instead of half empty. (Heard that in church a few weeks ago. Thanks Bob…I LOVE IT!)

Figure out what your THUD is. Ask God to help you manage your time better. Don’t leave your family in your dust. Don’t leave your responsibilities in a heap on your dining room table. ;) And don’t let your personal time with God always thud while you are juggling. He will keep them all going in your place when you spend time with Him. Real time. Quality time at His feet. Waiting in His presence. Singing to make Him smile.

Choose wisely. Choose consciously. Choose carefully what is vital to your day. The proof is in your ministry. You minister to your family. You minister to your friends. You minister to your church. You have the opportunity to minister to your waitress. Your cashier. Your gas-station attendant. Or you just simply don’t minister at all. Make the choice part of your morning…and stick to it! You will not regret your time with The King of Kings. He is the most amazing prayer partner…because He has the power to promote CHANGE!

I am praying for your success. Pray for mine too. Thanks LOVE!

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