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Friday, March 16, 2012

You are Going to WANT to Make These!

Good morning all! I am sitting here going through pictures and I decided I just had to share this recipe I recently made. It all started at Christmas this past year. I got this cute little bag of goodies from my brother and his wife. Some sort of fun Bugle snack. They were super cute…but didn’t look ‘out-of-this-world-amazing.’ I figured my kids would like them. Not expecting much…I tried one.




They were so so so super yummy. I knew that I had to get the recipe because I certainly wasn’t sharing any of the ones that were a gift for my ‘family’. Haha! (I really didn’t share. Awful huh? I know…I have repented about it. And I’ve moved on. Move with me won’t you? Lol!)

So…since my family didn’t get to enjoy them. I bought all the ingredients and finally made them last Friday night. (What is just a few short months to wait for something so awesome? Lol!)

If you are on Pinterest…which I am…but don’t EVER get to really look at. You can find the original recipe. I don’t know the name for sure…so good luck with the search. (Your welcome.) We are calling them Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles. Simple, yet surprisingly time consuming.

As I said…I made them last Friday. We had a youth event at our church. Since we were getting pizza I thought this would be a nice little dessert that would be easy. An hour and a half it took my daughter and I to make about half of a large bag of bugles. (We did of course sample some during the process.)

And Ariel took a break to do what we love most…

I know what it looks like. She is about to enjoy the chocolate off the rubber scraper. (And if you know me and know my love for chocolate…I would say that is a valid guess.) But no…she is singing into it. Anything is a microphone when you have a passion for singing. Lol! This day…she was singing my newest song. “Rise Up”. It is so powerful…and I am so excited for when God has me share it.

Okay, on to the actual recipe. You need three ingredients. That’s it! The fourth ingredient is 100% optional. =)

Ingredient #1
Chocolate Wafers (I don't believe the brand name is vital. I used part of a bulk bag of chocolate wafers when I ran out of these. You would probably need 2-3 of these bags to do an entire large bag of Bugles.)
I melted these in my Pampered Chef micro-cooker. =) Heat for 1 minute. Stir. Heat in 30 second increments until melted and smooth. (OR melt them however you want. Double broiler...sauce pan filled with water with a small bowl on top holding the chocolates. Be creative. Lol!)

Ingredients #2 & #3
Original Bugles and my favorite brand of peanut butter...J I F! Cause I am a choosey Mom! ;)
(Look at me dropping Brand Names like I'm getting paid from them. I can assure you...I am SO not getting paid. *sigh* Lol!)
I used my Pampered Chef spreader to get the peanut butter into the hole of the Bugle. Then I dipped the peanut buttered end into the melted chocolate and placed it on wax paper. (Ok...so I clearly didn't have wax paper, but that would have been my preferred choice. And I am a bit embarrassed of how old my saran wrap covered cookie sheet looks.) 

 Ingredient #4 (100% optional)
My sister in laws version were for Christmas so they were adorned with some awesome red/white/green sprinkles. The closest holiday to last Friday, was St. Patty's Day...so I used green sugar crystals. They didn't really look that impressive. But since my daughter was my 'sprinkler'...I couldn't ask her to stop helping. She was so happy to be sitting on the island in our kitchen, helping Mom. These days won't always be here...so I have to take them while I can. =)

There you are folks! These are so simple. And so delicious. And so addicting. You should try them asap! Lol!

As for me...I am so excited today. You see, this post is part of a revelation from God for me. Not anything to do with the contents of the post. Just the fact that I wrote it AND sent it from my home computer...in my home! God is good...and He has made a way when there seemed to be no way. I praise Him that He is smarter than I!

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