Words have power. Written words provide proof. You can read them, and reread them whenever you want. They can speak life to someone who needs encouragement. They can speak death to someone who is being deceived. The choice lies within you. How is it that you want people to remember you? Encourager...that is the gift that God has laid on my heart. To use my written, spoken, and/or sung words to lift people up. To be one link in their road to healing, restoration, joy. I have been without those things, and I claim them to be mine again. If you want me to seek God on a prayer for a specific situation...that is why I am here. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to pray God's Word of Life over you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunrises…I Pray Never Get Sick of Them!

I was running late. (Not a shocker for me.) I had my camera and computer beside me in the car. I looked up and…






I had to stop. I knew the consequence. I knew I would be even more rushed. But…LOOK! Look at the view that God blessed me with this morning!



My Sunrises 019


I screeched slid stopped my truck quickly on the very icy country road. I snapped the picture, only to realize that I was in the way of my neighbor trying to leave her driveway. (Sorry Rachael! If I made you late…just show your boss the glory of God…and it should shut them right up. Haha! I just couldn’t pass this up!!)

I dropped my two youngest sons off with my mother-in-law, and hopped back into the truck to take my kids to school. No sooner did we start off and the radio started our fave song. We worshipped to the Great I Am, as I looked over the rural countryside view of the sun rising. When the song finished, my kids prayed…then I prayed. As soon as I dropped them off at school God spoke to me.

“I saved the best for morning. When you wake up to meet with me…you get to see what I have created for you to enjoy. The sun rising each day is to remind you that I am in each day. I have new beautiful things for you to enjoy. Keep looking for Me. Keep noticing Me in your day. I have more to come. I have barely begun!”

I cried at His powerful message to me. What a beautiful thought. I meet with God in the morning and I am blessed. I see His beautiful creation and I am blessed. I write for Him and I am blessed. This all seems one-sided. I seem to be getting blessed when I am trying to be a blessing. A-ha! That is His design. Only a God who is fully Love can create a world in which that is real. We serve so we can reach out in our family or community, and God turns around and pours blessing and goodness onto us.

I don’t know how I would live without Him! As a believer, an heir to the throne, I am so blessed that I don’t EVER have to find that out. It only gets better each day. The more I know, the more I want to gain knowledge of how God works in my life. I want to get closer to Him so that He will fill in any emptiness. And shine light on all darkness. I want more so I can give more. I want to be taught so I can teach.

Wake up tomorrow. Wake up the next day. Sit and meet with the King of Kings. Then go out and enjoy the rising of the sun. His gift to YOU! Once it is up…the magic has passed. Don’t sleep through it! It will bring tears to your eyes because of it’s majesty! Once you have followed these instructions…inspire someone else to do the same. Let’s start a ripple across this nation. Wake UP! =)

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