Words have power. Written words provide proof. You can read them, and reread them whenever you want. They can speak life to someone who needs encouragement. They can speak death to someone who is being deceived. The choice lies within you. How is it that you want people to remember you? Encourager...that is the gift that God has laid on my heart. To use my written, spoken, and/or sung words to lift people up. To be one link in their road to healing, restoration, joy. I have been without those things, and I claim them to be mine again. If you want me to seek God on a prayer for a specific situation...that is why I am here. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to pray God's Word of Life over you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is He talking to me?

Hey all! It has been a few days since I have been able to get online. Bummer! But here I am...and I am thankful for today!

Do you ever have those days where you are listening to a speaker, and you feel like everything that is said was meant directly for you? That is how my days have been recently. Everyone and everything seems to speak right to where I am in my life. It is wild. I love it! The things that are being spoken are not condemning...as so many times they can seem to be. Instead, they are encouraging. Letting me know that I am on the right path, and this is how I can make my walk more effective.

Have you ever read John 3:6? It says, "Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit." I too have read and heard that multiple times. But it wasn't until I saw it and felt it...that I truely understood it. Let me paint the picture in your mind. We are at church on a Sunday morning. During worship, the Presence of God was very apparent. I saw God showing me a vision at the end of worship. I don't ususally get visions from God...so I was excited and knew that I had to share it!

God showed me that while we were all collectively worshipping, His angels were dancing around the room. And outside of the walls of the church, there were demons cringing at the sight and sound of it. He showed me that we are safe when we invite the Spirit of God to worship with us. It is when we leave the walls of where we 'feel safe'...that we have to put our game face on. We need not live in fear of this. We serve an Almighty, Powerful, All-Knowing God. He is on our side. He is in our corner. He is rooting for us to succeed. So we need to walk boldly. Speak with confidence. Quit cowering in the corner like we have already been defeated. Our God sent His Son. His Son without blemish. His Son who faced what we face and came out of each situation victorious. Without sin. Without complaining. God sent Him who deserved nothing but praise...to the cross. To die so that we may be victorious. So that we may go through trials and come out without sin. Without a bad attitude.

So what does this have to do with John 3:6? A friend of mine pointed this out to me. When one person is obedient to what the Spirit of God is speaking to and then through them. It makes others bold enough to speak what God is speaking to their spirit. That is also called the Domino Effect. Only instead of negative energy and words infecting people and making others crash around them (flesh)...the Spirit was able to bring forth the courage to speak words of life. Words that affected people in a mighty way. Words that lifted people up. Words that brought forth a woman to be healed. Words that brought forth a girl who prayed for her salvation. To God be the glory for his Word is Living and Active! This past Sunday was proof!


  1. Vanessa,
    This is so what I needed to hear! I was just thinking about that Scripture this morning. "Why?" You ask? Oh, only because I was LIVING it--the flesh part that is! (yikes!) I can testify that flesh gives birth to flesh. I've been irritated, offended, and defensive lately, along with stinky attitude about everything. Please pray that I will have a switch in my spirit today! That instead, I can have Spirit give birth to spirit! I need this more than anything!! ahh!! love, Bekah

  2. Bekah...I would LOVE to pray that for you. Thank you for being transparent with me as well. I appreciate that this is a two-sided relationship. Both of us giving when the other is weak. That is they way God intended love to be. =)
    I also want to give you a copy of the words to my song. I know that it will speak to you...b/c God chose you to pray for it. Maybe when we meet for that coffee. Soon?